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Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

Posted on: June 30, 2010 5:23 pm

Come on. Stephen Strasburg an All-Star?

In 2011, probably.

Every season from 2011 through 2021, good chance.

But 13 days from now? In 2010?

No way.

Five starts do not make an All-Star, no matter how many oohs, ahhs and strikeouts Strasburg has produced. This is still a game in which you have to earn your way. Strasburg is off the starting blocks in that department. But he hasn't earned anything yet.

There are too many good pitchers in the National League who have been doing it since Opening Day who deserve All-Star spots more than Strasburg. Break it down to rookies alone, and St. Louis' Jaime Garcia and Cincinnati's Mike Leake are in line ahead of Strasburg (yes, even though Leake has struggled in his past couple of outings).

Look, I love Strasburg. He's exceeded the hype, which pretty much was an impossible task.

As a fan, I'd love to see him pitch an inning in the All-Star Game facing someone like Derek Jeter, Justin Morneau and Josh Hamilton.

But there are only two possible reasons to justify putting him on the NL squad:

1. The fans demand it.

2. Because the winning league gets home-field advantage in the World Series, you must put the best pitchers on the team regardless.

As for the first reason, the fans have their say in voting for the starting position players. They don't name the entire team.

As for the second reason, again: Judging by all appearances and rave reviews, Strasburg looks like he's already one of the best pitchers in the game. But even he said following his outing against Atlanta on Monday that he's got plenty to learn.

There are too many others deserving to jump Strasburg ahead of them. And I haven't talked to him about this issue, but my guess, level-headed kid that he is, is that he'd agree.

The game demands that you earn things, you're not just given them.

And in the end, you'll be respected a heck of a lot more if you do.

Likes: Vladimir Guerrero back in Anaheim. And the nice ovation he received in the series opener Tuesday. ... MLB Network, which does an excellent job each night cutting from game to game to game. ... XM Radio offering every game, every night. I know I've plugged them here before, but what a great thing satellite radio is -- for games, news, music, everything. ... Mexican food in Southern California. ... Excellent new disc from Gaslight Anthem, American Slang. ... The fourth season of Friday Night Lights is fantastic. Really, really good writing and acting, as we've come to expect from one of the best shows ever on television.

Dislikes: Atlanta rookie Jason Heyward saying he's out of the All-Star Game. ... Poor Joel Zumaya. Best wishes to the Detroit reliever in his recovery following an absolutely sickening injury. ... The Dodgers' Matt Kemp and Tampa Bay's B.J. Upton in the doghouse. Come on fellas, how difficult is it to work hard and be a good teammate? ... Carlos Zambrano is a dope.

Rock 'N' Roll Lyric of the Day:

"You told me fortunes
"In American slang"

-- Gaslight Anthem, American Slang


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Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 8:38 am

Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

And there is NO WAY Jeter deserves to be there as well as tex, so spare us the BS on who belongs there and who the fans wanna see because they are 2 different things.

If your the NL skipper and u dont choose him then ur a knucklhead

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 12:56 am

Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

I have to completely agree.  It doesn't matter which way you look at this he SHOULD be there.

Viewpoint 1 - The All-Star game is a showcase game for the fans.  It rewards the fans for voting and their general love of the game.  If you look at it from this viewpoint the he HAS to make the team.  No one player has generated as much press and fanfare as Strasburg has this season.  The fans WANT to see this guy pitch.  If the fans want it .. then from this viewpoint he should be there.

Viewpoint 2 - The All-Star game is now more than just an exhibition.  It determines home field advantage, which not only gives a slight edge in winning the series, it also means MEGA bucks for the team with the extra home game.  These games not only bring money into the clubs themselves, but also a ridiculous amount of cash and taxes for government programs that benefit people of the communities.  From this viewpoint, you want the best players in the league on the field.  If you can name me 12 NL pitchers that you think are better right now than strasburg, I will call you an idiot.

As bolton said, he should be on the team.  It's ridiculous  that just because he is only going to play 1/4 of the first half of the season that people are against him.  How many times have the fans voted in players that were injured for huge amounts of the first half of the year and those players still played?

Here's how to fix this idiocy.  Let fans vote on pitchers as well.  Sure, some will be voted in that suck, and some will need to be replaced due to pitching too close to the game, but the fans will get to choose.  I guarantee you that Strasburg would be voted in if this were the case. 

There is absolutely NO solid argument to use against him pitching other than you are tired of the hoopla and biased against him.  Well whooptee-doo.  Some people are tired of all the hoopla the Spankees and Red Sux get every stinking night, but should that prevent them from making the game? 

Come on people.  Let's put either the best players or the players the fans want to see on the field like it should be.  If you agree with that, then you have to say Strasburg deserves to be there.

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Posted on: July 1, 2010 7:59 pm

Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

I guess you guys don't look at strikeouts per 9 or how he actually pitches or what pathetic team he is on. If they let him pitch at the beginning of the season - he would be an all-star right? But since Washington had to wait for the arbitration clock, he's not an All-Star. The game has some importance and the NL should have their best pitchers there. Strasburg is up there with Jiminez and Halladay already. All you had to do was watch him at San Diego State since he was a sophomore and maybe you could have figured it out.

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Posted on: July 1, 2010 6:56 pm

Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

Actually there are 10 pitchers that are named there with better projected fantasy points...

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Posted on: July 1, 2010 6:10 pm

Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

If any of you are in a fantasy league, click on Stats, Pitchers, Projected Rest of Season:  #1 = Stephen Strasburg, you can't name 10 pitchers better.

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Posted on: July 1, 2010 4:55 pm

Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

Strasburg can't be an All Star if he isn't playing in the majors next year. The guy is wicked sick (for those of you who speak like normal people...this means that he is really good) but there is not indication that he can sustain this success for next year. The guy is rail thin like Tim Lincecum and we all know how the MLB hate pitchers who are skinny. 

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Posted on: July 1, 2010 3:07 pm

Stephen Strasburg is not an All-Star

Well, his current major league numbers may not prove he is an All star, but I truly believe he needs to be at the All-Star game.  Here are my reasons:

1.  Many coaches and players have already stated that Strasburg is not only the best player in the National League, but all of baseball.  We may disagree with their assesment, but I have I tend to believe they could be right.  He has a 100+ MPH fastball with two other outstanding pitches (curve ball and chageup).  All with outstanding command.

2.  Even though the All-Star game is supposed to be about acquiring home field advantage for the American or National League, it is also about the fans.  If there is a bigger draw in baseball than Stephen Strasburg, tell me who it is.  With Strasburg on the team, and in the lineup, the rating will be one of the highest in years.  Everyone wants a phenom to represent their sport.  We had Michael Jordan in the NBA, Tiger Woods in golf, and Wayne Gretzky in hockey.  Baseball has also had it's fair share of star power over the years, but Strasburg has the potential of being one of the best pitchers of our generation.  For the fans, he really needs to be there.

3.  Every team needs to have a representative at the All-Star game, and who is really the best player on the Nationals.  Adam Dunne might get a couple of votes, but I believe most Nationals and their fans would chose Strasburg hands down.

4.  Finally, baseball needs a hero.  With all of the recent problems with Steroid use, the past heros of McGuire, A-Rod, Clemens, etc. have been been tainted and in some cases no longer exist.  But Strasburg could be the next real Hero for this sport, and it couldn't come at a better time.

So, my vote.  He absolutely need to be there.

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Posted on: July 1, 2010 2:32 pm

Opposing hitters disagree

He's obviously the best pitcher in the majors right now. It may not last, but he's already got a bunch of rookie records and if his team was worth a damn, he'd be 5-0 or so going into the break.

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