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Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

Posted on: July 29, 2011 1:28 pm
Five clubs continue to engage the Dodgers in talks for right-hander Hiroki Kuroda in trade discussions that probably present the biggest wild card between now and Sunday's non-waiver trade deadline.

The Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Indians and Tigers all continue to push the Kuroda talks as the weekend nears, sources with knowledge of the discussions tell

As they do, there is still no indication as to whether Kuroda will waive his blanket no-trade clause. One source close to Kuroda says he continues to "seem apprehensive" about doing so, which is where the wild-card part of it comes in this weekend.

Several industry sources believe Kuroda will only accept a deal to the Yankees or Red Sox, but that has not stopped the Tigers, Rangers and Indians from positioning themselves to attempt to swing a deal.

As colleague Danny Knobler wrote Thursday, in a summer in which no clear ace is available at the July 31 deadline -- unlike, say, Cliff Lee last year or CC Sabathia in '08 -- the handful of mediocre starters has only muddled the trade market picture.

The Tigers have been tied to every pitcher this side of Walter "Big Train" Johnson, and the Red Sox and Yankees are expected to have a scout in Seattle on Friday night when Erik Bedard makes his long-awaited exit from another disabled list trip to start for the Mariners.

Jeff Niemann? Jeremy Guthrie? Jason Marquis? Aaron Harang?

You can see why Kuroda, who is just 34-43 with a 3.50 ERA in four big league seasons, is being hawked like a field mouse as contenders scramble to pick up any scrap of starting pitching they can.

Because of the glut of mediocrity combined with the high prices being asked, guys like Kuroda, Bedard, Harang and Co. probably will be last minute deals on Saturday or Sunday.

But one thing to remember about Kuroda: Because of his no-trade clause and the fact that he appears reluctant to leave Los Angeles, this one will take longer than others to put together. The process will involve the Dodgers putting a deal together (if they decide to pull the trigger), then taking it to Kuroda, then Kuroda taking time to decide on the no-trade clause.

In other words, this process for the Dodgers is going to have to begin with more lead time than, say, an hour before Sunday's 4 p.m. EDT deadline.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 8:47 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

This isn't fantasy, this is real life.  Stick to the toys and GM's will stick to doing what they do best, running major league clubs.  What a stupid comment.  There ought to be an option to score someone in the negative for comments like that.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 7:25 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

"Kuroda is not the answer for the Yankees and the reason is quite simple.  If you view the top 100 leagues of Fantasy baseball managers, you will not see Kuroda on ANY of the fantasy teams that are leading their divisions.  For that matter, you will not even see Kuroda on the vast majority of ANY team's roster in ANY  of the teams in Fantasy baseball because his stats are just not good enough."

#1, That is a load of crap. Even on CBS here he is owned in 83% of Leagues. His stats are not bad for a back end of the rotation guy on a fantasy roster, it is his team that sucks and can't ever buy him a win.

#2, This is real baseball teams looking for a solid arm, not fantasy rosters.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 7:01 pm

Kuroda not the answer: Read Why

Kuroda is not the answer for the Yankees and the reason is quite simple.  If you view the top 100 leagues of Fantasy baseball managers, you will not see Kuroda on ANY of the fantasy teams that are leading their divisions.  For that matter, you will not even see Kuroda on the vast majority of ANY team's roster in ANY  of the teams in Fantasy baseball because his stats are just not good enough.  He is available in the fantasy league free agent pool of almost every fantasy league out there (except NL only, of course).  It is a bad sign when you cannot make the top 12 pitchers for ANYONE in a ten man fantasy league.  Seldom does a pitcher like that make any significant kind of contribution to your staff.  You would be better off with a prospect or dishing out some additional cash and players for a better pitcher like Ubaldo or Hernandez.  The Yankees have blown several opportunities to land much better pitchers than Kuroda.  Lee, Grienike, Marcum, and Halliday or just a few top of the line pitchers that they struck out on.  They could have had Gio Gonzalez for a song.  They should be given credit for refitting retreads like Colon and Garcia and those guys will do well in the Postseason, I believe.  But do you really want to trust a three pitcher staff like CC, Colon and Garcia?  Burnett is a crap shoot and Hughes doesnt seem to be able to cut the mustard.  Kuroda will provide an improvement over Burnett or Hughes (as both of those turkeys are always in the fantasy pitchers free agent pool, but Kuroda is rated higher than the both of them and is sometimes added to a roster as a fifth starter, but I would not spend good money and prospects on a fifth starter.  They are all around the place for much less.  Better to save those resources for a legitimate 1 or 2 pitcher that you REALLY need.  So in the final analysis, Kuroda is ok as a fifth starter for the Yankee machine because of the run support he will get, but he will not be a dependable starter for the playoffs.  I guess the logic is you have to get there (the playoffs) first before you should start worrying about winning the whole ball of wax.

Arthur Tafero 

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 5:22 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

I'd like to know who players are that the other teams are offering for Kuroda. The Dodgers have a lot of holes to fill or need some upgardes as certain spots. They need a starting pitcher, (who doesn;t) a catcher, a 3rd baseman and a right fielder and they need an upgrade at 1st base. I just don't see any team giving up a whole lot to get a player for maybe 2 months.
I also wouldn't doubt that the Dodgers are telling Kuroda, "take a deal and get us some players and we'll re-sign you next next."

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 4:55 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

Well said!!! Quit throwing money at players who have played well and start putting the money on the guys your bringing up. The championship teams of the late 90's where made up of veterens who had something left and a core of home raised kids from within the farm system. I'm getting sick of Cashman throwing our future to the other teams in return for someone that has played well in the past. Bringing in someone else's talent is to risky. If these pitchers couldn't help their teams to a possible post season them will they really help us? CC is doing it by himself so that goes to show just how much better he is over the rest. Look at the Phillies, thay have a loaded rotation compared to the Yankees and they are not must better then a few games. Time to save our young guys and unload the untalented. If we need some outside help then get some deals done without throwing our future to the wolves.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 4:47 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

Like the analogy Bombers X...but I don't think Kuroda is in the class of anyone on your list except maybe Scherzer...the rest are pretty much elete pitchers...He does compare to Zito...and Vazquez...that fireballer comming from Atlanta at the time...who folded up like origami under the American League hitting pressure and the pressure of playing in New York... then hurried back to the safer confines of the National Leagues Marlins...Mark my words here...Kuroda will return to the National League after 2 months of getting his butt rocked in the AL East...questioning his abilites to compete in a higher powered atmosphere...

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 4:16 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

I am and always will be a Yankee fan. It puzzles me as to why the Yankees front office have not pursued a pitcher of quality since they obtained CC. Their attempt at Lee was pathetic, how could someone up front not know that he had interests in another direction. I don't think Lee would have been the answer anyway. When Beckett was available there was little if any attempt to sign him. He should have been signed just so they would not have to face him every time the RSox were played. The Yankees will not get past the first round of playoffs, because it is too much of a load for CC to carry. Other pitchers that were signed were either over the hill, or damaged merchandise in some way. Why Burnett was ever signed is a mystery to me. Cashman receives a lot of credit, but he ought to stand up like a man and say I made a mistake with the tattoed loser Burnett. Cashman stated he was satisfied with the present staff of  the Yankees before the season started, how moronic was that? Hughes has to have 7-8 runs in support or he is cooked. Hughes was never and will never be a number 2 starter. He is no better than a 4? or 5 man at best. That is despite his record last year, look at the second half of last season and that tells more than anything else of his capabilities. The Yankees need a bat that can average .300 or better, because there is none on the roster. As I said I am a Yankee fan forever, but it is disgusting, when the largest payroll in MLB does not have a .300+ hitter and NO OTHER STARTING PITCHER BESIDES Sabathia. DISGUSTING and IRRITATING. WOW am I glad I got that off my mind.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 3:47 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

We get a couple decent show-ready prospects now, then over the off-season he comes right back to us.  With a lineup that had any power at all behind him, and the way he has pitched this year, Kuroda would be 12-4, or 13-3.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 3:36 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

I don't know winkie, switching from the NL to the AL seemed to work for guys like Josh Beckett, Dan Haren, & Max Scherzer. Sabathia & Lee flip-flopped from the NL to the AL and didn't miss a beat. In the past guys like Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, & Randy Johnson actually got better after being traded to the AL. On the flip side guys like Barry Zito actually got worse going to the NL, but I will admit it is rare to find a pitcher going from the AL to the NL that has gotten worse not due to injury.

So.....maybe, just maybe the Yankees team management might have some basis for their pursuit of Kuroda.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 3:24 pm

Five teams talking Dodgers' Kuroda

Also keep in mind that the NL West has the defending World Series champs and that the NL pitchers seemed to handle the AL's best hitters pretty well in the past 2 All-Star Games.

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