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Reagins out as Halos' executive secretary, er, GM

Posted on: September 30, 2011 6:33 pm
The Los Angeles Angels of Desperationville didn't fire a general manager on Friday, they canned an executive secretary.

Everybody knows that owner Arte Moreno and manager Mike Scioscia -- and Moreno and Scioscia alone -- run the Angels.

Tony Reagins?

Somebody's gotta phone the agents and other general managers, take notes, collect information and make sure Moreno and Scioscia have enough of it to make their decisions.

That man was Reagins, a nice guy who was both badly overmatched and uncomfortable in the gig from Day One.

Now, somebody else will take the notes, make the calls and bring the information to Moreno and Scioscia so they can gather the information they need to take the Angels wherever they go from here.

And where that is is anybody's guess right now.

The Angels did not make the playoffs in 2011 -- or, in 2010, for that matter -- because the Texas Rangers are a better and smarter organization right now that has whipped them both on the field and in the executive offices.

The only reason the Angels remained competitive this summer was because of the boost young players like Mark Trumbo, Tyler Chatwood, Peter Bourjos and, yes, late in the season, Mike Trout provided.

And the man responsible for drafting them, Eddie Bane, was fired as the scouting director after last season.

Fact is, under Moreno, the Angels have become more adept at firings the past couple of years than postseasons.

They fired longtime trainer Ned Bergert last winter after 36 years in the organization. They canned Bane. A major league scout named Dale Sutherland who had been in the organization for 19 years. They've callously laid off longtime media relations employees in recent years who worked incredibly long hours and had devoted their lives to the cause.

They can call Reagins' departure a resignation if they want. But when the second paragraph of the news release contains a statement from Moreno saying, "Though we finished 2011 with a winning record, we remained short of our objective in winning a championship. In moving forward, we felt a change was needed", that's a firing.

Moreno got years of great publicity after the first thing he did as owner was lower stadium beer prices, but his ownership clearly is at a crossroads right now. Though he talks the talk of winning championships, he's consistently failed in the free agent market over the past several winters: Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Carl Crawford and Adrian Beltre, among others.

Bottom line, the Angels' actions jibe with their words less and less frequently. The organization has become soulless, and disingenuous.

Reagins certainly wasn't the cause of this, only a symptom. He clearly was carrying out others' orders as a GM, while the real stuff was going on behind the curtain.

The Angels can hire another GM. But until they change the process, until that GM isn't just a puppet on a string, the gap between the Rangers and Angels is going to continue to grow.

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Reagins out as Halos' executive secretary, er, GM

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Posted on: October 3, 2011 3:10 pm

Reagins out as Halos' executive secretary, er, GM

Scott Miller is a well-known journalist. Did he really write this piece? This is Bleacher Report quality (very low).

Eddie Bane himself said that he was fired because of his bad personal relationship with Tony Reagins. I really hope we can get Bane back now that Reagins is gone.

The 'firings' of Ned Bergert, Dale Sutherland, the unnamed 'longtime media relations employees' - Scott Miller: produce your sources to back up your claims that they were fired by Arte Moreno. I miss seeing Ned in the dugout, but maybe he just retired. Media relations is a volatile business; people come and go frequently.

Very, very poorly done piece. You can't even call it journalism. This is anonymous-posting-on-a-blog quality.

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Posted on: October 1, 2011 7:43 pm

Reagins out as Halos' executive secretary, er, GM

I gotta say, I really like Scott Miller and his work almost always. But this article is ridiculous and seems bitter. Reagins was not good at his job. Very nice man, but not very good. Miller has no sourcing whatsoever here back up his assertions. Poor journalism and any decent editor wouldn't have allowed this post. Also, it is ridiculous to fault Moreno for not signing CC, Tex, Crawford. While the criticism is reasonable in Beltre's case, the other three were signed by the Yankees and Red Sox, and Miller should know as much as anyone, when the Yankees and Red Sox decide they want someone, no one can compete with them financially. No one else is willing to throw away that much money. So Miller must believe the 27 other owners in baseball are as terrible as Arte. Moreno has done more than lower beer prices, he has created a great atmosphere at a reasonable price, which is why in that annual survey (I forget what it's called), the Angels have ranked the best in baseball for years (and a couple times across all US sports franchises) as the best for providing fans their money's worth and value. Miller seems like he has an axe to grind here. Maybe he's buddies with Reagins. Fans in most cities would love to have Arte as their owner and Scioscia in their dugout.

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Posted on: October 1, 2011 5:44 pm

Reagins out as Halos' executive secretary, er, GM

I call BS on this article, sorry.   I remember a Scott Miller covering the Angels around 20 years ago... is this the same person?  If so, he's clearly out of touch with how things are now.   Was Tony Reagins the "Soul" of the Angels?!

Arte Moreno and Mike Scioscia might have been responsible for overall direction, like which big players to pursue, and in Moreno's case, how much they could spend - but anyone who thinks that Tony Reagins' fingerprints aren't all over our major blunders of the last 4 years, just isn't paying attention.

Terrible bullpen signings, ill advised trades (Kazmir, Wells?), and then bumbling EVERY major free agent acquisition since Torii Hunter.   You can't pin that on Mike Scioscia, and you certainly can't pin the firing of Eddie Bane on Arte Moreno.   Every article about Bane's firing, especially recently when Bane commented on it, point to issues between Tony Reagins and Eddie Bane leading to the firing.  All signs point to Tony Reagins wanting someone who agreed with his decisions in Bane's position.

Tony Reagins has been the joke of the league the past few offseasons with his major gaffes, from things like negotiations with players and agents, to simply not being able to show up to the winter meetings on time when important player/agent meetings are taking place.  He has not appeared to look very "savvy" in a long, long time.  It was time for a change.

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Posted on: October 1, 2011 2:17 pm

Reagins out as Halos' executive secretary, er, GM

The first thing the Halos need to do is dump the "Los Angeles" title.  There is nothing "LA" about the Angels or the organization.  The stadium isn't even in Los Angeles county.  With that said, they need to go after a solid catcher.  With catchers you either get a good bat or good defense.  The Angel's catchers have neither.  None of the three can hit their weight, and a competent base stealer can run wild on them. Walden throws hard and I'm sure he will come around, but he is not closer caliber right now.  Other than Downs, the rest of the bull pen stinks.  Why the Angels continued to go with Fernando Rodney early in the season is beyond me.  How many times this season did the Angels have runners in scoring position only to have Mathis strike out or Vernon Wells pop up? With their high dollar budget, there is no excuse for not playing in October...

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 10:52 pm

Reagins out as Halos' executive secretary, er, GM

...unfortunately, this guy makes a few disturbing, but completely valid, points. moreno and scoscia have good intentions, but a man who is unwilling to go the extra mile in free agency (moreno) and a man who consistently gives jeff mathis and bobby abreu playing time over hank conger and mike trout (scioscia) have no business running the baseball operations of a MLB team (angels) located in america's second largest media market (los angeles). moreno made his money in advertising and scioscia is supposed to handle in-game situations; neither one is fit to handle the day-to-day baseball operations of the angels. hopefully, the angels hire an experienced new general manager who will demand full control of this situation; not promote someone from within to be a puppet of moreno. thanks to the financial strength the angels have as a result of being located in los angeles, the angels should have no problem finishing with a winning record almost every year, but to consistently be in playoff and world series contention, they need a man with more experience building the roster of a contending MLB team. this was the way it was back in 2002 when they won the world series; say what you want about disney, but they let the baseball operations staff handle all baseball operations related issues without interjecting their own two cents. the angels are not spiraling out of control as a whole organization, but to get past yankees, red sox, and rangers and into the world series... this guy is right, the leadership structure has to change.

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 7:26 pm

Reagins out as Halos' executive secretary, er, GM

Tha Angels do need a stronger presence at GM, but I don't see not signing CC, Crawford and Beltre as failures.  We have a strong top of our rotation and while CC would be great, it isn't our biggest need.  Crawford isn't worth half of what he is getting.  Tex is a great player but we have received solid 1st base production the last 3 seasons with Kendrys, Napoli, Trumbo, etc for a fraction of the cost.  As for Beltre, he has been great for Tex when he's been healthy this year and that might have been a move to make, but he's put up big numbers in BOS & TEX, hitters' havens, while floundering in 'pitchers' parks like SEA and LA (except for his last LA season).  Who knows what type of numbers he would have in Anaheim.  You may be right about the atmoshpere Arte is fostering and perhaps the shine is gone now, but  wasn't it Reagins' relationship with Bane that led to Bane's firing?  As for the firings of Bergert, Sutherland & others, it is unfair to use these without any context whatsover beyond length of employment and the long hours worked.  I know this sounds like an Arte/Angels apologist and that is not what I want to be, but I just feel that Reagins' tenure was uneven at best and this piece feels a little bit like a personal attack by someone with an ax to grind.

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