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Pujols: "That was fun"

Posted on: March 5, 2012 5:58 pm
Edited on: March 5, 2012 7:25 pm
PHOENIX -- Maybe Albert Pujols knew there was a designated hitter in the American League. But did anyone tell him you get to bat every inning in the Junior Circuit?

Forgive him if he begins to think that's the case after his first Cactus League game. He christened the Angels' portion of his career with a 2 for 3 afternoon against the beleaguered Athletics, including saying hello with an RBI double in the first.

"That was fun," Pujols said after being removed from the game in the fourth with the Angels leading 9-0. "Hopefully, we get to do a lot of that this year."

The Angels' two high-priced free agents each debuted on an overcast Monday afternoon. C.J. Wilson, who signed a five-year, $77.5 million deal during the offseason, worked two scoreless innings, facing eight batters.

Pujols chopped a hanging curve for the double in the first against Oakland starter Brad Peacock, scorched a line single to left in the second and flied to right in the third. He saw nine pitches.

"He comes up in the first inning and knocks in a runner," Wilson said of Pujols. "We all were looking at each other in the dugout like, 'Oh yeah. That's what Albert does.'"

Pujols admitted to some pre-game jitters. He said in a typical season, he gets nervous three times: Before his first spring training at-bat, before his first regular-season at-bat and before his first postseason at-bat.

That last part is what the Angels are banking on: Pujols' Cardinals only missed the playoffs four times during his 11 seasons in St. Louis. Anything short of a run deep into October -- and, arguably, a World Series title -- will be a disappointment for the 2012 Angels.

Pujols, who signed a 10-year, $254 million deal with the Angels last winter, easily has been the focal point of the Angels during their first two weeks of camp. Not just from the fans' perspective, but from inside the clubhouse as well.

"It's cool, man," right fielder Torii Hunter said. "Pujols has been blending in just fine. Vernon Wells and I hit with him, and we're picking up a lot."

One thing that has impressed them early is that Pujols is as interested as learning from his new teammates as they are from him.

"He's not afraid to ask questions," Hunter said. "A guy like that, who has achieved so much, you'd think pride would set in and he wouldn't ask anybody for any advice. But he does. He's that humble.

"He has two World Series rings, three MVPs and he still wants to learn. I love that."

One thing Angels manager Mike Scioscia has learned about Pujols through various conversations up to and early in spring training is, Pujols likes to work in the spring, especially early.

"He historically feels like he wants his at-bats on the higher side in the spring rather than on the lower side," Scioscia said.

Pujols finished with 65 plate appearances last spring with the Cardinals (.288, three homers and 14 RBI). Look for a similar workload this spring (though for a time it appeared as if he might reach that total on Monday alone).

As for Wilson, he tinkered with his mechanics over the winter and is looking to incorporate a changeup as an important weapon this summer.

"For me, the changeup is a priority," said Wilson, who faced eight batters, walking one. "So I can add efficiency to my repertoire."

Though he worked a career-high 223 1/3 innings last season, he essentially was out of gas in October.

He figures if he can throw fewer pitches -- "you're looking at one more out a game, one less walk, one more ground ball" -- both he and the Angels will benefit.

The focus on that will come in time. But for now, the Angels remain giddy over the one-time St. Louis icon joining them. And for his part, Pujols senses the respect from even veterans like Hunter and Wells.

"It's what you have built," Pujols said. "It's something I learned in St. Louis 11 years ago. I had great teammates, and I took advantage of the veteran guys."

He ticked off a whole flurry of names, including Woody Williams, Matt Morris, Placido Polanco and Mark McGwire.

"They taught me how to play the game the right way."


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Posted on: March 7, 2012 10:40 pm

Pujols: "That was fun"

Hey, TDAISON -----

;   You have a good time following your "exciting" Oakland A's (they may be the worst team in baseball this season).  I think I'll follow the team that "Sucks" and have a much better time of it. 

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Posted on: March 7, 2012 10:35 pm

Pujols: "That was fun"


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Posted on: March 6, 2012 9:33 pm

Pujols: "That was fun"

Really looking forward to the battle between the Angels and Rangers this year. Both teams have made significant changes, and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.  Angels are much improved with the addition of C.J. Wilson and Albert Pujols.  It remains to be seen whether their bullpen can do the job. They were horrible last year and cost Dan Haren more than one win. Pujols will provide some clutch hitting that was sorely needed last season. There are a lot of questions for the Rangers: can Feliz make the transition from closer to starter, is Yu going to live up to the hype (and the big money he's getting), can Josh Hamilton stay healthy, etc. Looking for great play from both teams.  Can't wait for opening day.

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Posted on: March 6, 2012 8:55 pm

Pujols: "That was fun"

dude every single player in any sport is in for the money, the fans are the ones who think they hold some kind of loyalty to the teams, its cards fans faults for worshipping him as a god in the first place when he knew he was leaving once the bigger offer came

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Posted on: March 6, 2012 5:21 pm

Pujols: "That was fun"

CBS, please don't lower the score of this post.

Fu!k Albert Pujols.

He is a b!tch, and he betrayed the Cards, FOR THE MONEY. He doesn't have financial problems. He had it all in St. Louis.

And yet, he chooses $240 million, purely for the money. This makes me sick.

I hate the Cards. But at the same time, I have a lot of sympathy for the Cards fans. Their hearts got ripped out.

So boo-hoo, Cards fans. 

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Posted on: March 6, 2012 12:34 pm
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Pujols: "That was fun"

Although it was a good way to start the spring training games off, I am not going to expect such numbers during the regular season however, it does show that Oakland A's are a team in transition.

Its ashame the blog is more of Pujols rather than balanced with Wilson's effort.

Personally we will come up with stronger and more stiff opposition but we can hope this is a strong starting point for players who were woeful last year (Hunter and Abreu) especially

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Pujols: "That was fun"

too bad the cubs wont be fun to watch like usual riegert8

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