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Ray of Hopelessness.

Posted on: May 20, 2008 11:25 pm

Here's a thought:

Ray Allen is only a viable NBA star when he is unquestionably the number one option. Hear me out. I am a Timberwolves fan and watched Latrell Sprewell for a few years, and some nights he would be absolutely lights out: 11 for 18, 34 points, and would absolutely be a dominant offensive player. The next night, he would be 2 for 9 with 6 points, and would just be virtually invisible. I think Ray is the same way: he needs to get two or three buckets down in the first 10 minutes, otherwise you can count him as a loss for the game. And it's not like he's playing any defense, so you may as well have Wally Szczerbiak back on the squad.

He's been able to get away with it for so long for three reasons: (1) Ray, up until this year, has always been the unquestioned number one option on some very mediocre teams, (2) this year, the C's put 67 in the win column, and winning cures a lot of ills (like KG not having a whole lot of clutch to him -- trust me, I watched him for 12 years), and (3) he's been such a good -- or at least quiet -- teammate and citizen that most people would not want to badmouth him. Think of the image the NBA has been trying to rid itself of for the last 15 years...Ray Allen embodies all of that good image. Why trash his rep.

I mean, think about it -- even the worst NBA team is going to average 90 points. Somebody's gotta score, right? You stay moderately healthy long enough on some crummy to mid-level team, and you're bound to put 20,000 points on the board. Dominique Wilkins. Bernard King. George Gervin. All great scorers who never saw much beyond playoffs, round two.

Just my thought. Feel free to respond.

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Posted on: September 26, 2008 9:43 pm

Ray of Hopelessness.

Yes, but this is not the era of The Star in the NBA. Teams are en vogue again; every time the Pistons & Celtics beat Kobe&Co., or the Spurs win it all, it is reinforcing the trend away from the individual back to the team --the best thing that has happened to the NBA in a generation. The renaissance of the US Olympic team this summer is no coincidence.

My point is that Allen fit so perfectly into the Celtics team because he wasn't asked to do anything other than what he does best: just shoot the lights out, baby. The team as a unit was a powerful defensive force, whether Allen contributed or not. On his previous teams he was expected to be a leader and all-around star, and that never fit. So yes, not arguing your point, but perhaps saying So What? Dude has a ring now, and he earned it by being a better-than-average role player. It takes a humble ego to step down from the pedestal & be that kind of guy. And now is is forever etcheed in Celtic lore. Every "star" should learn from his example.

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Posted on: May 22, 2008 10:14 am

Ray of Hopelessness.

Thanks Max, I got tickets to the interleague games at Miller Park on the 16th, and 17th of June.  I am hoping I get to see Liriano again. 

2 of my favorite games I have ever been to have been vs the Twins.  1987 I think?  Kirby Puckett goes 6 for 6 with 2 homers and 2 doubles and robs Robin Yount of a homer.  I was 10 at the time, Kirby from that day on was my favorite player.  RIP Puck, nobody played the game as hard with as much excitement as Kirby. 

2005 Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder both hit their first ML Homers.  Rickie off Johan, and Prince off Jessie Crain.  Torri Hunter hits a couple of bombs for the Twins.  I sat in the 2nd row directly behind home plate.

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Posted on: May 21, 2008 9:16 pm

Ray of Hopelessness.

It sounds like he (Liriano) is getting his confidence back a little bit, which I think was part of the nastiness to his stuff in 06. Last three Redbird starts have been at least solid, I'm told. They rushed him back, but apparently it was because he wasn't doing the cardio stuff in the minors, and the Twins wanted to keep an eye on him. I suppose that's not a GREAT sign...

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Posted on: May 21, 2008 9:35 am

Ray of Hopelessness.

Pretty accurate portrayal of Ray.  I watched him play here in Milwaukee and would tend to agree with you on most points.   What people really don't know about Ray is he is a real nice guy off the court, he is just a whinner and a baby in the locker room.  At least he was here in Milwaukee under the George Karl reign.  People here are constantly complaining about the trade when he was sent away for Gary Payton and Desmond Mason.  I admit it was rather one-sided as Karl had his hands all over that one.  Still the people here think that the Bucks would have been great if Ray stayed here and everything would be rosey.   Fact is Michael Redd basically replaced Ray Allen, and they are basically the same overpaid player, only difference is Redd is a southpaw and a couple yrs younger.  Neither one has any leadership qualities or plays a lick of D.  Both are basically soft players too. 

Keep up the good work.


Question for you MaxK.   Any news on Francisco Liriano?  Got him in a couple fantasy leagues.  I saw his #'s in his last 3 starts at Rochester, and looks like he is getting better.  Just wondering if they have plans on calling him up anytime soon.  (Hopefully for me)  I saw Liriano's first ML start back in '05 at Miller Park, I have been following him ever since.  The guy had nasty stuff, I hope he can return to old form.

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