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Happy Thanksgiving 2009 - November 30, 2009

Had a great holiday, hope the rest of you did, too.

Horrible football weekend for me. The Bears got slaughtered, which pretty much ends their hopes of a playoff berth. Went 0-2 in fantasy, getting killed by injuries in both leagues and made poor decisions in another. One of those weekends where I could barely watch last night's game (I actually only watched about 10 plays of it) but am forcing myself to watch most of tonight's game. Need a break from it this week and start back fresh next week I guess.

I seriously think that Andy Reid was playing against LeSean McCoy in his own fantasy league on Sunday. Why in the world would he run a rookie (Early Buckley?) with only 5 career carries twice from the 1 yard line to beat the Redskins? I smell conspiracy.

Vince Young and the Titans...never been a big fan of Vince Young's, but I'm a fan of his god-given talent and this Titans resurgence has been fun to watch.

I picked New England to win 37-31 tonight. Right now it's 7-3 Pats.

My only regret in not watching last night's game was missing Chris Collinsworth call the game last night, I've said it before but he's by far the best. It only comes to mind again because these guys on Monday night are such slurpers. Some guy named Earl Buckley could take off for a 20 yard run for his only carry of the game, and Gruden and Jaws would talk him up like he's Walter Payton. Tirico is good and he brings some sanity to the broadcast, but those other two never have a bad thing to say about anyone else. Strap on a pair, ladies.

I think Hines Ward needs to go away, shut the heck up, or perhaps both?

I think Jake Delhomme needs to go away, stop throwing horrible passes, or perhaps both?

I think Tim Tebow needs to just go away. Puke.

I'll probably watch the entire Oregon - Oregon State game on Thursday night, and not root for anyone. It will be fun to scout both teams, not really knowing who we will play. Can't remember the last time this happened, but it should be fun.

Have a great week. Hard to believe it's December already. We're all getting old. At least we're doing it together.

Posted on: May 29, 2010 8:52 am

Ohio State 21, Michigan 10 - November 22, 2009

*My overall take on the game is that if you take away Michigan's mistakes, the teams actually played pretty even. That said, I never really felt that we were ever really in danger of losing the game. It seemed like we were just toying with them, playing a very conservative game and waiting for them to make mistakes. And as always, our defense won the game, with their patented bend-don't-break style.

*I felt we beat them badly in three main areas: talent, preparation, and execution. I also feel that as long as Tressel and Rich Rod remain the coaches, we'll continue to beat them for these same reasons.

*The game was closer than most anticipated, but again, it seemed like it ended up that way because we wanted it to. Never seemed like the game was out of our control.

*The crowd has littered with Buckeyes, we even got the O-H-I-O chant going early in the 4th quarter, which was a highlight. Their fans (outside of a few drunk/idiot students) were pretty mild, most of them conceding their fate long before kickoff. After the game, most talk was littered with if's, and's, and but's, most revolving around their 5 turnovers.

*The steady progression of our O-line continues. We threw for only 67 yards but only needed to throw 13 times. Our running game was bruising again, which bodes well for the bowl game and next season. Love it.

*Rich Rod is a complete dope. My seat was on their sidelines about 15 rows up. He never looks "in control" on the sidelines and his emotions are all over the place. One play he's calm and talks to his players. The next, he's cussing up a storm and screaming at his assistants or one of his players. Makes me appreciate Tressel even more.

*They'll keep Rich Rod another year at least, but you have to wonder. This season was another disaster, and his press conference had to make the Michigan faithful scratch their heads. I understand the disappointment but he seemed like he was at the end of his rope.

*I liked the uniforms for one game but wouldn't enjoy having to look at them permanently. I missed the buckeyes on the helmets the most.

*Looking forward to a bowl game we should win. Oregon or Oregon State will each be interesting challenges. Seeing Tressel coach 'em up in the Rose Bowl will be cool to see.

*There's no feeling like leaving that stadium with a win. Nothing like it.

*See the still shot below of my cousins Eric (#5) and Kevin (#88) interviewed by Big Ten Network hottie Melanie Collins on the Pregame Tailgate Show.

Other stuff...

*Last Sunday night...I quickly want to say that I agreed with Belichek's decision last Sunday to go for it on 4th down. The best way for me to describe it is this way: When I originally assumed the Pats would punt to the Colts with 2 minutes to go, I said to myself, 'holy crap the Colts are going to win this.' When the Pats decided to go for it, I said 'holy crap, the Pats are going to win this.' They needed under 2 yards with that offense.

*I've never been a huge fan, but I become more and more impressed with Ricky Williams natural-born talent. Looking at his apparent lack of interest in the game throughout his career, he shoulda been out of the league years ago. But he continues to get results. I think he's just one of those guys that have 'it'.

*The Iverson situation reminds me of the end of Sprewell's career. All of the natural-born talent in the world, and just can't let his enormous ego accept any other role than superstar.

*Nice to see both the Browns and the Lions compete today. Great game, and especially great now that I don't have to hear about it (Lions) up here for the next three days.

*It's Sunday November 22 at 11:24pm, and Michigan Still Sucks. So do my Bears, apparently. Sigh.

Posted on: February 22, 2010 9:21 pm

Week 1 - OSU 31, Navy 27 - September 5, 2009

*OSU = yikes. Looks like we have some things to work on. Like most of us fans, it appeared the players came out in the 3rd quarter expecting to coast into the locker room with an easy victory. Navy made it a game, then we broke out ahead again, then our wheels fell off again. Weird game, hard to explain. Regardless, a win is a win, but I think we may be in trouble next week, especially on defense. It can be argued that this game will help us and that we'll work harder this week as a result and we'll be better prepared for next week. Be that as it may, my opinion is that we just aren't that good right now.

*The Oregon thug who punched the Boise player deserves to be suspended. But what no one is talking about is the fact that he punched his own teammate during the fracas. For that and that alone, I'd suspend his ass for the year. How do you get away with doing that to a teammate? The Boise State player deserves at least a game or two as well for what he did as well. Ps, that was one helluva punch. In spite of all this, the worst part of the night for me is that Boise St won, so how we have to hear about whether Boise deserves a shot at the national title for the next 3 months. That sucks.

*Don't ask me why, but I can't help but feel sorry for Tavaris Jackson. Yea, he had his chances, but he's been strung along for months with the concern of Favre possibly showing up to take his job. Then the douchebag Favre shows up last minute, and now he's on the trade block. Obviously the answer is that if he played better, then the job is his regardless. But I've been putting myself in his shoes, and I'd feel pretty salty about it. If some old guy just showed up at the last minute and took my job, I'd be upset.

*Peter King picked the Bears to lose to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Sweet. He also picked the Texans to win that division. That prediction takes balls. They have talent but that is one tough division.

*The NFL will be great as usual this year. I was walking Thomas and Eddie last night thinking about all of the divisions. I think the Patriots and Chargers will have their divisions clinched by about Week 12. The Steelers will probably win theirs shortly after, but other than that, the remaining 5 divisions are really up for grabs. Also, it will be interesting to see who ends up being the worst team. Like last year, I think the bottom of the barrel will be crowded.... the Lions, Bucs, Chiefs, Rams, Raiders, Browns, Broncos....yikes.

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Sunday Night Thoughts - December 21, 2008

Week 16:
  • Can someone please explain the NFL to me? Teams, coaches, and players spend all season just trying to get to the playoffs. Then, many get down to the end, with an all or nothing situation in the palm of their hands, and they choke against allegedly weaker opponents? Phily , Denver, and the Jets all lose horrible games. With a week of preparation and everything on the line to psychologically fire you up, how does that happen? I'm in amazement.......it's pathetic.
  • One could easily add Dallas, Tampa, and Minnesota to the above list. While still bad losses, I don't include them because my perception is that Baltimore is just better than Dallas, Atlanta is just better than Minnesota, and San Diego had arguably much more to play for AND were coming off the high of their comeback at KC the week before.
  • Finally, if Chicago chokes tomorrow night, add them to the first group.
  • Allow me to steal Marcum's , Ben's, and Long's thunder to proclaim that I believe the Bengals are lined up for a great year next year. The D has shown some serious signs of improvement all year, despite some injuries. Their offense will be back strong with Palmer and TJ . Get rid of CJ and shore up the O-line, and with a weaker schedule next season, I think they are due. I vote to give Marvin Lewis one more year.
  • Sorry Browns fans, but I just have to say that your team is the 2nd worst team in the league, and that's not saying much considering my boys up here are 0-15. Romeo needs to go. Seriously, they are pathetic. And Braylon needs to shut the hell up. What a whiner all last week. Wow, did he make himself look bad.
  • I'm kinda sorta glad the Jets lost. They have more bad losses this year than good wins. I'd much rather see the Fins or Pats get to the playoffs. I know, everyone's sick of the Pats, but I think they are the best of the three, and all I want are good playoff matchups . Also curious to see how Cassel plays in the playoffs.
  • I don't see the Colts going far. Their defense is just so bad, even with Bob Sanders.
  • Despite GIVING away games to TB, Atlanta, and Carolina, the Bears still have a chance, which I guess is all you can ask for. Ah, what might have been. I mean they GAVE away those games.........sigh.
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