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Week 9: OSU 45, New Mexico St 0-November 2, 2009

I just have a few comments from Saturday’s game. Much like last week, I feel a little guilty that most of these are negative, but that’s the price the program pays for their success over the years...

*Nice win, another shutout, but still a lot of work to do. Seems like we are running out of time to fix our issues. I can’t believe there are only 3 games left.

*Pryor’s decision-making is still awful most of the time. Not only on passes, but also on runs. Countless times on Saturday, he cut outside trying to make a play when nothing was there…he still refuses to take the easy 3 yards and cut inside. Instead, he tries to cut outside for a bigger play, and loses a yard or worse. And this was against New Mexico State. Folks, he’s just not getting it. Any of it.

*Posey’s TD throw was the best-looking, most accurate pass I’ve seen all year from OSU. Yikes. Lost in all of that…love the play call!

*Pettrey misses 2 more field goals, then gets hurt. Again, this will catch up with us before the year is over…

*Defense obviously needs to win the game at Penn St for us to win. I see them playing tough, but right now I see a 19-13 loss over there, and I almost never predict an OSU loss (though I did for USC this year). I just don’t see us winning that game, and I hope I’m wrong.

Random stuff…

*Michigan football (all teams in the state) is in the crapper again. For a little perspective on the mood up here, click the below link, go to the bottom under “Podcasts” and click “Play” under “Mike reacts to the Halloween weekend football games.” Forward through the first minute of radio lowlights to get to his comments…LOL. Valenti is great. It will probably only be up for a few days…then go to archives.


*Nice win for the Bears, but it’s sorta like OSU beating New Mexico State……we’ll take the win and it feels good, but what have I really learned about my team?

*So now I have to suck it up and give the Vikings and Favre some credit. They looked good yesterday and that was a big win. We still play them twice, and their defense is reeling, but they do look good.

*I am happy for Ted Ginn, but I doubt many Buckeye fans are surprised. He always seemed to fit the mold of kick returner versus a #1 wide receiver. I hope he continues to do well. He won the game for the Dolphins yesterday by himself.

*The Celtics signing Rondo was a great move, I’m a huge fan of his, he’s a great pointguard….I see him as simply a straight-up baller who happens to be a very smart player.

*I think Larry Johnson needs to go away.

*Michelle Beadle in Gunslingers commercial...I'm telling you, I love her in that T-shirt....see link below.


*Michael Jenkins is terrible, what is up?

*Time change...a radio DJ up here was talking about it last week, and said "One of the best things about the time change is that you get to play God 2 times a year. Eight o'clock? I think I'll make it seven o'clock..." I loved that comment.

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Week 7 - Purdue 26, OSU 18 - October 19, 2009

After 48+ hours of letting the game sink in, this is what I think about 1) The game and 2) the Pryor/Tressel situation:

The Game
*Pryor had a bad game, but he wasn’t the only problem. The O-line couldn’t keep a 4 man rush out of the backfield. TE’s didn’t/can’t block. The entire offense seemed lost. Special teams had one turnover, kickoff coverage was suspect, and the defense gave up way too many 3rd downs, way too many yards, and didn’t make enough plays. For some reason we always have trouble with the short pitch/catch game, and Saturday was certainly no different. I know, it’s hard to blame the D after all they’ve done this year, but the entire team needs to share the blame.

*Which brings me to the coaches. Whenever a team loses to another team with far less talent, the coaches deserve criticism. The team obviously wasn’t ready to play. Purdue was 1-5, one of the worst teams in the league. They lost to Minnesota, Northwestern, and Northern Illinois for cripes sake. No excuses for the loss, no excuses for not having the players ready to play, no excuses, period. Poor effort + poor preparation = poor result. What other explanation could there be?

*No, I’m not blaming the officials whatsoever. We sucked. But I’d love to know what the final result would have been if the refs wouldn’t have completely blown the call in the first half when Coleman stripped the ball from that Purdue receiver. Terrible call…that was a fumble.

The biggest frustration for the fans/media about this season is that it’s hard to know where to place the blame. I’ll discuss both and then offer an answer (for now):

It’s hard not to blame Pryor: he’s a physical specimen who runs a 4.3 40, he was all-world out of high school, he showed flashes of promise last year, got plenty of experience as a freshman last year, had all year to learn the offense, and had all year to work on his mechanics. So what is missing? How can a kid with so much promise and all the tools be so bad after 1.5 years within a program? As I blogged before, he’s shown 0 improvement over last year. ZERO. How is this possible?

Many of the above unanswered questions point to the coaching staff. Sure, our offense is like a black and white TV in the middle of a Best Buy, but Pryor should still be able to make plays and execute the offense, regardless of how bland the offensive gameplans are. But it’s not happening. He looks completely lost, confused, frustrated, unsure, and tentative. It’s not just at the beginning of the games, either. It’s all quarters, regardless of the situation. It’s painful to watch. How can he be so unprepared? How can he not execute/lead what amounts to a painfully simple offense? Don’t the coaches see this lack of progression? What are they doing about it? What are they working on during the week? What is different about our offense since week 1? Anything? Bueller…Bueller?

As for my answer on who to blame……….before the Purdue game, I would have answered probably 90% Pryor / 10% Tressel. Since the Purdue game, I estimate my answer (for now) at about 75% Pryor / 25% Tressel. I keep most of the blame on Pryor for now simply due to his terrible decision-making: late throws, bad throws, indecisiveness, the list goes on. In addition, we all know Tressel can coach, and if we look at his complete body of work, he’s brought our program to national prominence and deserves the benefit of the doubt…for now. But in the words of my buddy Marcus after this week’s game, “for the first time ever, my TressellMeter twitched for a moment.” I couldn’t agree more. How can you not take Pryor out in the 3rd quarter? How is this kid not getting any better? When do we stop blaming the pupil and start blaming the teacher? Come on……..Pryor played like dog poo, are we to think Bauserman could have played any worse? Bottom line, the more Tressel sticks with Pryor and his crappy play, the more Tressel deserves the blame. The rest of the year will be interesting, but not nearly for the reasons I’d expected at the beginning of the year.

On to more rosier things….the NFL :

*NFL Sundays are simply my favorite time of the year.

*The Bears gave another game away again on Sunday night football, on the road, against a tough opponent. Gave it away.

*As the weeks progress, the list of absolutely terrible teams seems to get longer. I’m not completely sure why, but for now I’ll say that there are only about 20 good quarterbacks in the league right now, and there are 32 teams.

*The Vikings are the luckiest bastards in the league and it’s really starting to piss me off.

*Michael Jenkins played horrible against the Bears on Sunday night. What’s wrong with that guy?

*The Chargers have the best retro uniforms in the league…and the Broncos probably have the worst. It’s hurting my eyes tonight.

*Football is the best sport in the world because it’s so unpredictable. How can the Giants D look so dominate for 5 weeks, then be completely dominated on Sunday? How do the Eagles lose to the Raiders by not scoring a single touchdown with all of those weapons? How can Seattle only gain 128 yards for the game, at home, against the Cardinals D? How can Tennessee start 10-0 last year, and then start 0-6 this year?

*Chris Collinsworth is by far the best color analyst on TV, maybe ever. I just really like what he brings to a telecast. He shows the viewer exactly what the defense does, either how it stops a play or how it breaks down. He sees everything.

Rock on,

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The Cuts - September 7, 2009

One report I always look for on the 'net (in the paper before the internet) is the list of cuts by NFL teams on the final weekend before the season starts. 2 things...

*Obviously I look for former Buckeyes and any other notables that got cut that maybe I wasn't expecting. See a list of notables below that I typed up as I looked over the list on Saturday night.

*The other thing that I always think about is what each of these guys is going through at the very moment I'm reading the list. Not only has each of these guys worked hard and busted their asses the last 4-6 weeks (ok, probably 6-9 months) to make the team, but they've most likely played football their whole lives, most of them with the dream of making the NFL. To be that close to your ultimate dream and then to get cut on the last weekend...I guess I just feel sorry for them. That's gotta be tough. Here's hoping that all of their phones ring again at some point this season..

Final Cuts (My notables):
BearsMarcus Freeman
Jags – Todd Boeckman
Lions – Dane Looker
Falcons – DJ Shockley
Bills – Dominic Rhodes
Chiefs – Ashley Lelie
Vikes – John David Booty
Browns – David Patten
Texans – Deltha Oneil
Saints – Joey Harrington
GiantsDavid Tyree
Raiders – Jeff Garcia
Rams – Brock Berlin
Rams – Antonio Pittman
Bucs – Matt Bryant
Raiders – Ronald Curry
Titans – AJ Trappasso
RedskinsChase Daniel


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Catching Up - August 9, 2009

Some quick thoughts:

*I'm sitting here on a Sunday night watching NFL football. Life is good.

*Favre decides to stay away, at least for now. Too bad the story won't go away. As soon as (enter team here) starts to struggle, we'll hear his name all over again. Selfishly, I wish he had some back to the Vikings so Urlacher could slam him one last time.

*Lance gets third in the tour to some lame Spaniard, who was by far the strongest rider in the tour. But in the meantime, he pissed off Lance, which sets up a really really really great Tour in 2010, I can't wait.

*OSU is 6th in the coaches poll, which is fine for now. I still say we go into Penn St in October with both teams undefeated. I'll guess OSU at #2 and Penn St at #3.

*Colin says USC will win in a close one, based on returning offensive line and the best secondary in the country. Beano Cook said that Ohio State will win in a close one, because we are so good at home. For now, and for what it's worth.

*My stance on "no parity in baseball" still stands. At one point 2 weeks ago, all 6 division leaders were the 6 highest payroll teams in their respective divisions, aside from the Mets and all of their injuries. Jim Bowman was on Colin 2 weeks ago, saying (in part) "Baseball's system is ridiculous...the only thing that keeps any kind of an argument open for any parity in baseball at all is the wild card"

*The next time everyone comes over to my house, I'll show you the best story I've ever seen on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. I have it on my DVR.

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Sunday Night Thoughts - December 21, 2008

Week 16:
  • Can someone please explain the NFL to me? Teams, coaches, and players spend all season just trying to get to the playoffs. Then, many get down to the end, with an all or nothing situation in the palm of their hands, and they choke against allegedly weaker opponents? Phily , Denver, and the Jets all lose horrible games. With a week of preparation and everything on the line to psychologically fire you up, how does that happen? I'm in amazement.......it's pathetic.
  • One could easily add Dallas, Tampa, and Minnesota to the above list. While still bad losses, I don't include them because my perception is that Baltimore is just better than Dallas, Atlanta is just better than Minnesota, and San Diego had arguably much more to play for AND were coming off the high of their comeback at KC the week before.
  • Finally, if Chicago chokes tomorrow night, add them to the first group.
  • Allow me to steal Marcum's , Ben's, and Long's thunder to proclaim that I believe the Bengals are lined up for a great year next year. The D has shown some serious signs of improvement all year, despite some injuries. Their offense will be back strong with Palmer and TJ . Get rid of CJ and shore up the O-line, and with a weaker schedule next season, I think they are due. I vote to give Marvin Lewis one more year.
  • Sorry Browns fans, but I just have to say that your team is the 2nd worst team in the league, and that's not saying much considering my boys up here are 0-15. Romeo needs to go. Seriously, they are pathetic. And Braylon needs to shut the hell up. What a whiner all last week. Wow, did he make himself look bad.
  • I'm kinda sorta glad the Jets lost. They have more bad losses this year than good wins. I'd much rather see the Fins or Pats get to the playoffs. I know, everyone's sick of the Pats, but I think they are the best of the three, and all I want are good playoff matchups . Also curious to see how Cassel plays in the playoffs.
  • I don't see the Colts going far. Their defense is just so bad, even with Bob Sanders.
  • Despite GIVING away games to TB, Atlanta, and Carolina, the Bears still have a chance, which I guess is all you can ask for. Ah, what might have been. I mean they GAVE away those games.........sigh.
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